IBM: Bluemix Development Platform


  • Customers need help to develop applications that leverage the data they collect from sensors.
  • Customers want to enhance their applications with ready-made services—a database or data-enriching analytics, for example.
  • Customers prefer a development platform on which they can quickly scale up in production.


  • Since IBM® Bluemix™ is based on IBM’s Open Cloud Architecture and Cloud Foundry, organizations can quickly develop, test, roll-out and manage applications.
  • Bluemix offers organizations the speed, performance and flexibility to anticipate trends by quickly rolling-out new applications.
  • Bluemix lets teams choose the right compute option for their different workloads—for example, an application with OS access requirements, a stateless, high-volume web app or an API connection into an on premise system of record.
  • Bluemix offers virtual servers and containers, support demanding workloads that require customization, control and portability.
  • Bluemix is designed to support both cloud-native and cloud-enabled workloads, helping companies develop hybrid solutions with apps and services that scale automatically.
  • Bluemix DevOps services help small teams iterate and continuously deliver high quality code to production
  • Bluemix offers secure private (Secure Gateway/API Management) and public (Direct Link) connections to and from existing apps and data that all remain visible in a single console experience.
  • Bluemix helps developers connect existing applications and backend data to new cloud applications through scalable APIs in Java or Node.js and with full API lifecycle management.


With three integrated deployment models – spanning from IBM’s data centers to yours – Bluemix represents a new way to experience cloud. And with the ability to easily leverage both existing IT and new SaaS tools, Bluemix is built for teams that appreciate the value of using existing data, systems and processes to power everything that comes next. With elastic runtimes, containers and Virtual Machines, Bluemix is powered by the world’s most popular open source projects. And because our public, dedicated and local environments are on the same update and release cycle, you can easily move apps and services between deployments. The Bluemix environment has everything you need to get started including application services for:

  • Run Times
  • Containers
  • APIs
  • Messaging
  • Data Services

Developers can also select from a large catalog of additional services including:

  • IBM Watson™
  • Mobile
  • DevOps
  • Web and Application
  • Network
  • Integration
  • Data and Analytics
  • Security
  • Storage
  • Business Analytics
  • Internet of Things with IBM Watson IoT Platform
  • APIs

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