Embedded Vision Solutions

Albert Revere, Manager, Marketing Programs, Avnet

Visual inputs are the richest source of sensor information. For more than 50 years, scientists have tried to understand imaging and developed algorithms allowing computers to see with Computer Vision applications. The first real commercial applications were referred to as Machine Vision. Machine Vision is the use of digital processing and intelligent algorithms to interpret meaning from images or video.

Advancements in image sensing technologies, processing, analytic software and interconnects for the networking of devices has enabled incredible growth and innovation in a wide range of embedded applications that incorporate machine vision functionality. Embedded systems are ubiquitous: they’re found in automobiles, kitchen appliances, consumer electronics devices, medical equipment and countless other places.

Embedded vision is the merging of these two technologies: embedded systems and machine vision. Over the next few years, there will be a rapid proliferation of embedded vision technology. The overall market for machine vision products will grow to more than $6 billion in 2016.

At Avnet we have partnered with FLIR, Molex, ON Semiconductor and Xilinx along with some of the top suppliers providing complementary software solutions to support the research phase of Embedded Vision based design. We have assembled a library of product information, development kits and reference designs to jump start your next project.

Whether your embedded vision application operates in low light conditions, requires high definition imagery or uses thermal images for environmental control, Avnet has everything you need to get to market faster with a competitive advantage.
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ON Semiconductor – Providing Comprehensive Imaging Solutions

OnSemiconductor-imaging-solutionsWith a broad portfolio of products and industry-leading technological capabilities, ON Semiconductor is well positioned to provide the most competitive imaging solutions for a broad range of applications.

Image sensing technologies include: Mainstream CMOS, High Performance CMOS, Interline Transfer CCD, Full Frame CCD and Linear CCD, along with supporting evaluation kits and software containing everything necessary to build a working prototype. Learn more

Molex – Connectors for Embedded Vision Applications

1041-Molex-Landing-Page-ImageMolex delivers complete interconnect solutions for a number of end markets including industrial, automotive and medical. Each of these markets leverages embedded vision functionality and Molex is well positioned to address the associated design considerations.

Whether moving signal from board to board or one appliance to another, you’ll find it within Molex’s robust suite of solutions. Molex product options are optimized to align with your performance and environmental system requirements. This is beneficial in applications requiring high data transfer rates in harsh environments. Learn more

FLIR – Thermal Imaging Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) Sensor

The FLIR Lepton® Thermal Camera Breakout is an easy to interface to evaluation board to quickly evaluate the FLIR Lepton® Camera module. It is compatible with a number of low-cost ARM based evaluation boards such as the NUCLEO-F401RE. In addition it is easy to wire to any nonstandard pin outs as well such as the raspberry PI.

The FLIR Systems Lepton® is the most compact long wave infrared (LWIR) sensor available as an OEM product. Lepton is an infrared camera system that integrates a fixed-focus lens assembly, an 80×60 LWIR microbolometer sensor array and signal-processing electronics.

Easy to integrate and operate, Lepton is intended for mobile devices as well as any other application requiring very small footprint, very low power and instant-on operation. In addition to multiple sensor options, FLIR offers system interface software and development tools.

Avnet Designed and Engineered Development Kits

Avnet brings you the complete set of building blocks and tools needed develop your Embedded Vision application. Our team has the practical experience to help you choose the elements that fit your design requirements and rapidly incorporate them into system.

MicroZed Embedded Vision Development Kit

microzed-embedded-visionThe MicroZed™ Embedded Vision Development Kit builds on the MicroZed SOM by providing a video specific carrier card. The kit includes hardware, software and IP components necessary for the development of custom video applications. The development kit includes the MicroZed 7020 SOM, as well as the Embedded Vision Carrier Card, which includes on-board HDMI input/output interfaces and a camera connector for optional camera modules. Learn more

Smart Vision Development Kit

smart-vision-dev2The Smart Vision Development Kit provides a feature-rich, modular carrier card for machine vision applications. This kit provides all the necessary components to start development of embedded vision applications, including the PicoZed 7015 Zynq SOM, the Smart Vision Carrier Card, a 1.2MP ON Semiconductor camera module and a 1-year license voucher for the Xilinx Vivado Design Edition software. The Smart Vision Carrier Card provides several industry standard vision connectivity interfaces, including Sensor to Image GigEVision, USB3Vision and CoaXPress IP.

ON Semiconductor PYTHON-1300-C Camera Module

The camera module features ON Semiconductor’s PYTHON-1300 color image sensor. The PYTHON 1300 is a 1/2 inch Super-eXtended Graphics Array (SXGA) CMOS image sensor with a pixel array of 1280 by 1024 pixels. The ON Semiconductor PYTHON-1300-C Camera Module is compatible with the MicroZed Embedded Vision Carrier Card, and the Smart Vision Development Kit.

HDMI Input/Output FMC Module with Camera Interface

hdmiThe FMC-HDMI-CAM FMC module provides high-definition video interfaces for Xilinx® FMC-enabled baseboards. An HDMI video source can provide video content to the module. The module also provides an HDMI output to display FPGA driven video content. The FMC module also provides a camera interface for optional camera modules.

Embedded Vision Integrated Connections Solutions Guide (Download PDF)