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Intel Corporation

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Artesyn Embedded Technologies
on Power

Dana Huth – President of Consumer Business & Global Sales, Artesyn Embedded Technologies

How is your company contributing to recent advances in low-power electronics and design?

Artesyn Embedded Technologies is a global leader in designing and manufacturing power conversion solutions for a wide range of industries including communications, computing, consumer, medical, military, aerospace and industrial automation.

on Communications

James J. Peterson – Chairman and CEO, Microsemi Corporation

How important is the communications market for your company?

Perfectly aligned with the needs of the communications market, Microsemi is a leading provider of semiconductor solutions differentiated by power, security, reliability and performance. With more than 35 percent of Microsemi‘s business revenue derived from solutions developed to match communications application requirements, this is an important end market for us that continues to grow. We offer one of the most comprehensive and differentiated product portfolios in the semiconductor industry. An excellent example is Microsemi’s industry-leading line of end-to-end precise time solutions—from Grandmaster Systems that employ GPS to distribute “precise time,” to the ground-breaking clock management integrated circuit technology, we deliver the most advanced and complete line timing solutions available. Our strategic commitment to the communications infrastructure market keeps us focused on continued technology innovation designed to meet this diverse market’s ever-increasing demands.

TE Connectivity
on Defense/Aerospace

Rob Shaddock – Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, TE Connectivity

How important is the defense/aerospace market for your company?

The Aerospace and Defense market has been a significant focus for TE Connectivity (TE) since the company was founded and represents an important part of the business in our Industrial Solutions segment. This market has many characteristics that appeal to TE: it needs high quality, rugged products to work in challenging Aerospace and Defense applications; there is a high degree of innovation and design in these products; the products tend to have long in-service lives; and our customers in this segment appreciate co-creation and co-innovation. The capabilities that we develop to service these demanding applications help us in many of our other global businesses and our Aerospace/Defense business has one of our largest advanced development groups that feeds new technology to many of our businesses.

on IoT

Steven Laub – President and CEO, Atmel Corporation

How is the IoT affecting the semiconductor industry?

IoT dwarfs all other opportunities for the semiconductor industry as virtually every device or system equipped with electronics of any kind will be connected to the Internet in some way. By 2020, the market is expected to soar to 50 billion devices. As the semiconductor industry has transitioned from PCs to mobile, IoT will now rise to become the predominant market. This transition will favor ultra-low power and integration of microcontrollers, wireless connectivity, security, touch technologies and sensor management products.