Archived Feature Articles


Boosting Machine Vision with Built-in FPGA Image Preprocessing

Machine vision applications, like most others, are required to address certain requirements—even if some are seemingly contradictory. The use of FPGAs in machine vision is often overlooked, but can effectively add to the performance of the solution.

Selecting the Right RF Antenna for Your Wireless Device

Wireless devices are used for a host of diverse applications and, as a result, there are many considerations when selecting the RF antennas to meet the demands of your wireless design. Find out how to select the RF antenna that works efficiently and effectively.

Simplifying Connector Selection, Simulation and Analysis

Engineers find themselves asking a series of electrical and mechanical questions when it comes to selecting a connector. As electronic designs increase in complexity, satisfying these questions may also. Luckily, there are best practices to consider when choosing an interconnect solution.

Building Efficiency into Your Building

The way companies are using and managing their physical buildings and offices spaces has evolved over the last decade. As this area continues to evolve, OEMs and System Integrators can capitalize on the advancements in building automation.

Faster Time to Innovation with IBM® Bluemix™

Speed to market is essential for businesses to maintain a competitive edge. Often the challenge is not identifying the differentiating innovation but rather being able to quickly incorporate it into a new or existing product. Find out how the IBM® Bluemix™ platform is helping businesses ‘get it done’ today.