Artesyn Embedded Technologies
on Power

Dana Huth – President of Consumer Business & Global Sales, Artesyn Embedded Technologies

How important is the power market for your company?

Artesyn Embedded Technologies is a global leader in designing and manufacturing power conversion solutions for a wide range of industries including communications, computing, consumer, medical, military, aerospace and industrial automation.

We take great pride in knowing that our power conversion business has enabled us to continue to be one of the world’s largest and most successful companies in the industry – and as many people know – was built out of the foundation of the well-known Astec and the original Artesyn Technologies, two prominent power brands still recognized today.

With that being said, it is very clear that the power market is very important to the continued success and long-term growth of Artesyn as a company; therefore, it is a market that we closely watch to make sure we continue to be a leader. We continuously ensure that our extensive standard ac-dc product portfolio, configurable modular power supplies, and a wide range of dc-dc power conversion products are refreshed to maintain this market leadership position.

How are changes in the power space affecting your business?

Changes in the power space continue to have a positive effect on our business because we remain focused on the market and ahead of the curve with our vast portfolio and adaptable products. Our global engineering and technical support is backed by world-class manufacturing that significantly reduces time-to-market so that our customers and partners gain a clear competitive edge.

As technologies continue to advance, the need for power solutions will always be there. We believe that Artesyn is well positioned to adapt to new technologies and be ahead of the next advancements in technology to remain at the forefront of our segment. Artesyn is an innovator in the use of digital control in power conversion and we continue to invest heavily in the area.

How does your organization decide when to pursue a new technology?

Artesyn is always pursuing new technologies! We have some of the brightest and most innovative employees in the world. As important as this is, it is important to recognize that we have a leadership team that has such breadth and expertise in the power space that we can move quickly to pursue the opportunities that make the most sense – again, not just addressing today’s changing technology but staying ahead of the curve. The change to being owned by a private equity company has enabled Artesyn to become far more action-oriented and as such, we can move quicker and more seamlessly as an independent organization.

Which emerging technologies offer the greatest opportunities for your company and why?

Artesyn is always looking for opportunities in disruptive business models, where new entrants are looking to pull together an ecosystem of specialists in order to create a solution rather than going the vertical integration route and do everything in-house. Our power expertise and industry leadership can help these companies get to market faster with a reliable product and with the agility to easily pivot their business model as the new economy demands. With increased mobility and the convergence of telecommunications and cloud computing, we are well positioned to address the coming needs of those markets. Increased efficiencies and more advanced communications in the medical equipment industry is also something we continue to stay in a leadership position. Since we are also very strong in the industrial market, we are tracking emerging trends in factory automation in areas such as robotics and precision control. Our leadership position in digital control in the computing, storage and network segments have and will continue across our offerings. The OEM’s that we serve with partners like Avnet have an advantage in a relationship with us that allows a faster time to market which means a faster time to revenue!