Executive Interviews

AXIOM asks leading executives questions on the topic of Automotive Solutions.

Find out what these leading supplier partners think about:

  • The technology necessary for connected cars — wireless connectivity, security, and software — is not in the traditional wheelhouse for most automobile makers and after-market suppliers. How are you assisting end customers understand what to introduce and how to sustain new technologies, especially now as your products and solutions align with the industry’s needs?
  • Where do your products currently “play” in the connected car, and are there any emerging areas of interest? Are you looking to partner with other suppliers with complementing technologies to offer full-scale solutions for end customers?
  • Customers are looking for insight into today’s complex issues and industry shifts. Can you provide perspective on regional or global trends, specifically around automotive innovation and/or operational strategies? What standards do you see automotive manufacturers leaning toward?
  • What types of challenges are you seeing in the automotive or aftermarket supply chain?
  • Within the automotive electronics segment, there are several leading technologies driving new solutions and applications. What do you see as critical to your company’s growth over the next two years?